The Overcoming

A Poem Inspired by Jesus and His Disciples

on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24)


by Karen Crum

All stood still

In disbelief

Faces downcast

Beyond relief

“We had hoped…”

But hopes were dashed

Plans were ruined

Security smashed

They shuffled along

No victory claimed

All seemed lost

No hope remained

But Jesus rose

and listened then

to broken hearts

and seeking men

He did not

So much comfort shed

But told them “Look

At what was said..

by prophets

oh, so long ago

predicting loss

and suffering so.”

“Don’t look down”,

he seemed to say

Believe the truth,

Do not dismay

For I am here

You see me now

I’ve overcome

I’ll show you how

To live beyond

the moment here

past your feelings

past despair

Listen to

my book, my Word

and Spirit whisperings

quietly heard

Look to truth

keep your eyes up

I’ve surpassed

the bitter cup.”





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