Finding Strength to Raise Your Child with Social, Emotional or Behavioral Challenges

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Research is showing that parents who engage in PERSEVERING PARENT SUPPORT CLASSES have REDUCED ANXIETY, DEPRESSION AND MORE HOPEFUL THINKING after taking the classes compared to parents who do not take a class.   We’re so glad to make a positive difference!


Welcome to the hub of information for Karen Crum and Persevering Parent! You have found a loving and active community of practical, emotional and spiritual support for your parenting challenges. This ministry was created for imperfect moms and dads seeking God’s grace to parent children who have social, emotional or behavioral challenges, including children with neurobiological disorders. You have probably made your way to this website because you have a child or loved one who struggles with social, emotional or behavior problems. Your child may have difficulty fitting in, he or she may get into trouble at school, or depression or anxiety may be interfering in his/her life. Your child may have a diagnosis of ADHD, anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar, autism, or no diagnosis at all. No matter the specific problem, you need practical information, emotional support, and spiritual strength to be the best parent or caregiver for your loved one. Persevering Parent hopes to provide you with all three needs and to help you develop strength and joy while you seek the best care for your child. 

shutterstock_21413224 What makes Persevering Parent a uniquely helpful resource? While many excellent books and websites provide information and practical suggestions, Karen especially created Persevering Parent for the often forgotten ministry of promoting spiritual strength and stamina for parents. We know how difficult it can be to keep HOPE during difficult seasons of parenting, and that it takes regular encouragement and inspiration. Persevering Parent aims to provide a safe place for you to come when you feel worn out, depleted, discouraged and/or ready to give up. It is a place where you can be reminded of God’s promises and of his priorities for your life and your child’s life. We know that if you, as a Mom or Dad, can maintain hope, that your whole family benefits. This site includes several sources for information and support including:

  • About: Information about Karen, find basic information regarding social, emotional and behavior disorders in children, and see some suggested resources.
  • Books: Learn about the Persevering Parent book, how to use it individually or for a faith-based support group, and how to order.
  • Speaking: Find out about Karen’s speaking topics for your event or organization.
  • Offers/Classes:  We have periodical special book sales, as well as Persevering Parent classes.  Here’s the page to check them out.
  • Blog: Contains updates with information, support and inspiration to help parents persevere in their daily trials.
  • Contact/ Prayer: A place to contact Karen and/or to request prayer for your child and family.

We hope these resources are beneficial to you. Please let us know other ways we might help!