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       Persevering Parent: Finding Strength to Raise Your Child with Social, Emotional or Behavioral Challenges

by Dr. Karen Crum

Book Summary

Children who have social differences, get into trouble at school, or have emotional instability create daunting challenges within their families. Persevering Parent brings hope, understanding and practical guidance to caregivers who must find appropriate treatment and advocate for their child while simultaneously coping with their own grief, worry and fatigue. This book is a must-read survival guide that points readers to God’s truths and to simple principles that enhance parental joy and effectiveness. Designed for individual or group use, weary or overwhelmed parents will find a wise and compassionate voice within the pages of this book. Parents of toddlers through young adults will refer to it again and again for encouragement throughout their parenting journey.

Here is what parents and professionals are saying about Dr. Karen Crum and her book:

“I just couldn’t put the book down! I loved it ALL and know it will minister to many.  Persevering Parent reminded me that I am not alone as a special-needs parent– it left me feeling affirmed, inspired and hopeful.  Stories of Dr. Crum’s own personal journey as well as those from other families will have you crying and cheering.  The biblical truth and reflection questions within each chapter will strengthen your faith in God who gives hope in all circumstances.  This book is truly a gift for all readers and especially for parents with a special needs child. I have no doubt you will feel the “written hug”!.”

—Cathy Stenzel;  parent of child with autism, educator

“Dr. Karen Crum, in her book Persevering Parent, has done something remarkable and rare. Not only does she invite you into the difficult, hectic, exhausting world of a special-needs parent, she also invites you into the struggles of her heart and her faith. This book is an honest lived experience of the journey towards acceptance, wisdom and hope through extremely difficult times. The faith-based study guides allow you to experience your own journey toward being a hopeful, life-giving parent. A must-read for all parents.”

-Kathryn Ranken; marriage and family therapist, special education teacher

“Families of children with special needs inevitably feel alone and discouraged. I know in my own journey of parenting I often cry out for help and strength. Dr. Crum not only validates the struggles of families in a way that gives voice to their challenges and pain but more importantly gives real hope. Having walked in the shoes of parents who have come to an end of themselves,  this is an honest perspective of the difficult realities that are faced.  But there are treasures found in darkness (Isaiah 45:3) and Dr. Crum leads us on a remarkable journey to see the beauty and gifts God gives in the midst of the pilgrimage of parenting our children and finding peace.  There are few things more powerful than personal testimony that reveals an unembellished view into the questions and fears of our heart yet emerges from great testing with hope and joy. This book will encourage you and constantly drive you to the source of hope and strength. It invites you to find your own story of victory in a powerful way. ”

Rick Caldwell; Minister, Little Country Church; father of a child with special needs

“As the parent of a child with special needs, I have read many books and articles to equip myself for the challenges of parenting.  As I cracked open the cover of Dr. Karen Crum’s Persevering Parent, unexpected tears of relief streamed down my face as I began to read the table of contents–finally someone understands my journey. Page after page replaced isolation and fear with encouragement and hope, turning me in the direction of my Maker, the source of all provision and healing. This book is a must read for anyone who has every parented a child with social, emotional or behavioral challenges. We have read and discussed Persevering Parent chapter by chapter in our parent support group.  The easy-to-read format and discussion questions within each chapter encourage meaningful discussion and personal growth.  Thank you Dr. Crum for this important work.”

Rachelle Busby; parent support group leader and mother of a child with autism

“In Persevering Parent, Dr. Crum captures the deeply personal struggles that parents of children with neurobiological disorders often bear alone or in silence.  Using real-life experiences of families, the author beautifully combines humor, introspection, and God’s word to help parents better understand and appreciate the “blessings of living in God’s truth.”  This book is practical, with solid advice to help any parent. It is especially comforting for the parent who loves but must adjust to and repeatedly grieve for their child with neurobiological impairments. Dr. Crum succinctly and poignantly reminds us that we are human, forgiven, offered hope, and most importantly, doing God’s work.

I love this book.  It is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly workbook style that can be used individually or in a support group setting. I am excited about using it as a teaching guide for my classes with foster and adoptive parents.”

Sheri Wiggins, MSW; Program Director, Shasta College Foster and Kinship Care Education Program; mother of four children–three with neurobiological illnesses.


“This book is excellent! As a psychiatrist who specializes in this field of work, I have longed for such a book that would offer hope and tangible strategies for parents to understand, cope, and enter the world of their challenged child.  Thanks be to God for his gifting of insight and knowledge to Dr. Crum.”

Lynn Pappas, MD; psychiatrist

“I loved Persevering Parent and could not put it down until I read every word.  It is a must-read for any and every parent.  With a comfortable and easy-to-read style, Dr. Crum expertly guides parents to find hope, strength and happy endings through faith in God and in His word.  Because our role as a parent is never-ending, even parents of adults will find strength and inspiration within the pages of Persevering Parent. I recommend that you read it– you will be engaged and encouraged from beginning to end.”

Kandis Lighthall; Educational Specialist in autism and developmental disabilities, author of Homeschooling the Child with Autism.

“When a parent is entrusted with the care of a child who has neurobiological illness the responsibilities and challenges can be overwhelming. In Persevering Parent, Karen shares personal struggles common to special-needs families and counters them with strength from her Christian faith.  She provides compassion, understanding, insight, guidance and hope to parents and families. As parent to an adult child with schizoaffective disorder and a sibling of twin sisters with bipolar disorder, I was emotionally and spiritually moved by this book. It confirms to me how fragile we are in our human experiences and yet how intimately our faith and love for God and each other sustains us.”

Dana Turgal; President- National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Shasta County, California chapter    


Parents of children with special needs hunger for hope and yearn for strength to meet the demands of stressful and often disheartening days. As a mother long-traveling this road, I appreciate the validation and comfort contained in Persevering Parent. This work offers encouragement for those at the beginning- or any point along- such a parenting journey. In this unique and important book, with empathy and compassion, Dr. Crum, a fellow-traveler, points readers to our ultimate source of hope- our loving and sovereign Creator.”

Betty Newcome; parent of children with bipolar and autism, teacher

“I am so proud of my sister in Christ for the beautiful way she shares her life experiences in Persevering Parent–including her fears, struggles and break-throughs. Karen’s insight into the lives of children with special needs and their families is profound. I have full confidence that God will use this book to bring healing, wholeness and “new life” to families facing similar issues. From the first page to the last, Dr. Crum is refreshingly honest and brings glory to our God and King. This can only come from a deep and intimate relationship with the Creator. I recommend this book to anyone–not only to parents of children with social, emotional or behavioral challenges.  All of us need to hear the wisdom gained from Karen’s life experiences.”

Gracyne Gibson; Chaplain, Youth for Christ; Evangelistic Minister, Anderson Church of Christ

Persevering Parent is an honest, real-life account of the peaks and valleys of parenthood. The writing is grounded in scripture, full of godly wisdom and sure to impart hope, direction and encouragement to the reader. I am confident this book will bless all parents, especially those with special-needs kids”.

-Phillip Baker, Minister, Anderson Church of Chri