Does your child have social, emotional or behavioral challenges?

A diagnosis of autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression or other?  

Here’s a chance to:

  • Rise above anger, guilt, grief, and difficult situations

  • Find peace and joy that transcends worry and stigma

  • Discover God’s hope and strength for special-needs parenting

  • Learn to give your child what he/she really needs

Join a 


Led by parent and author Karen Crum

Author and parent Dr. Karen Crum is leading this faith-based class for primary caregivers raising children who are having social or school difficulty, behavior problems, or have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges or special needs. This class is designed to give hope, strength and stamina to parents so they can raise their children well and survive (or even thrive!) during the journey.

Research shows that parents are less anxious and depressed after taking the Persevering Parent class. They feel more hopeful, positive, understood and enjoy their child more. Participants say:

“Great Class!”

“Karen was wonderful!”

“I loved meeting other parents who understood my problems.”